The Bethune College Council (BCC) is the student government for Norman Bethune College. We represent all students that are apart of the Faculty of Science and Engineering as well as students that live within the Norman Bethune Residence. Our mandate is to dedicate ourselves to the Bethune community in the provision of social and academic programs and services while ensuring we maintain a strong and representative voice within York University. The BCC strives to enrich the lives of the Bethune student body through social and academic events. Additionally, the council will continue to guide and assist all affiliated clubs and organizations.

Throughout the school year we help plan and put on a variety of events including Dragon Week, trips to Niagara Falls, ski trips, musicals, sporting events and much more. We also offer all these events for very discounted rates to make them affordable for all students. No matter who you are there is something for you at Norman Bethune College.

You can find us in our office in 122 Norman Bethune College, located in the basement across from the Junior Common Room.

We look forward to working with you and meeting you this coming school year.